SOULCATCHER – Pig&Dan + Gregor Tresher

Pig&Dan + Gregor TresherSOULCATCHER

After celebrating an amazingly successful first collaboration on Adam Beyers Truesoul imprint, the globally respected techno titans Pig&Dan and Gregor Tresher return to bring an all-new audiovisual experience to the table. This time around they debut within the NFT realm, embracing both forms of art of which they’ve held a massive passion for over the last decades. The synergy of visual art mixed with a musical journey, finally could be expressed in more unique format. Digital Art guru Stewart Graham from S272 studios adds his sinister edge to this project and manages to ensure depth both visually and sonically. Their NFTs will feature the title track from their upcoming album ‘SOULCATCHER’. The catch?

It's a raffle!

So what do we mean by raffle? Well, it’s simple. There are two types of raffle tickets available for sale, which can win you two different limited edition NFTs.

The first is an $11 ticket. Purchasing this item constitutes 1 entry to a lottery with 111 winning NFTs to be selected at random. Winners will receive an NFT in their Blockparty wallet within 1 week from purchase.

The second is a $33 special edition ticket. This special lottery edition NFT includes access to the full length DJ version of the track SOULCATCHER, with 33 winners selected at random. The winners of this edition will receive the NFT plus an email with a unique download link. Winners will receive an NFT in their Blockparty wallet within 1 week from purchase.

So to summarize –

  • All ticket purchasers receive the commemorative ticket itself as an asset.
  • Buyers can purchase more than one ticket.
  • Winners of the $11 ticket drawing receive this plus the full length audiovisual experience, over 4 minutes of breathtaking art and unreleased music.
  • Winners of the $33 ticket drawing receive all the above PLUS the full length DJ version of the SOULCATCHER track.

This drop represents an amazing chance to secure unreleased work from pioneering artists, for an extremely low entry cost. Don’t miss this amazing opportunity!

We as a team have decided to ensure we have the smallest environmental impact possible by minting our NFTs on a carbon neutral Blockchain “FLOW”.

Mother Nature is what nurtures our future and we are devoted to making sure that the world is not harmed by the art we create.

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The formation of Pig&Dan may have been an unusual one, but was no doubt fate. The two crossed paths on a flight to Mallorca back in 1999, when Dan was a resident DJ at Ministry of Sound and touring globally, and Igor was deep in the world of illegal underground raves whilst producing music under the name Tropic 39. By that stage the two had gone through a number of strong formative years surrounded by music.

Growing up, Dan was exposed to some of the most influential musicians of the time. His father was regarded as one ofthe greatest Saxophone players in the world, working with legends including Marvin Gaye, Phil Collins and Ray Charles. It was the perfect environment for the young boy to spark anear for melody and grooves. Having worked with great success as a sound engineerin his teens and early 20s, Dan founded his own group ‘Intense’ alongside one of his oldest friends. The group, while playing at raves all over the UK and producing innovative new music remained confined to Britain, until they launched Logical Progression Level 3 at Brixton Academy. With a live recording of their new album, they became an underground hit and were signed to Sony Japan, taking them on tour globally.

Igor, by the age of 16, after a visit back to Mallorca for a summer vacation where he firstexperienced nightlife, regularly went out at every opportunity he had. When he finished school and moved to University in London, all his money went to growing his record collection and he would spend hours mixing at his house instead of studying. Every moment he could spare would be spent in some of London’s landmark clubs, such as The Cross, Ministry Of Sound and Club UK, which all played a huge part in Igor’s progression into the world of electronic music. Although Igor also worked in a Rock music studio his passion was throwing raves in his homeland, Mallorca.

1999 arrives and Dan hops on a flight to Mallorca to see his sick mother, and this is where he begins his first ever encounter with Igor, after some initial banter about the industry, they swap numbers, but never call one another. Coincidentally a mutual friend in Palma reintroduced them to one another in 2001, neither remembered meeting 2 years earlier onthat plane journey. However, eventually the connection clicked and a few studio sessions later, they discovered their powerful synergy when working together and after some hedonistic visits to Ibiza, their true united passion for techno was discovered. The guys submitted their demo ‘Oh Yeah’to Sven and his Cocoon label which was released just a few months later, leading to the creation of Pig&Dan.

Since then, Pig&Dan have achieved an amazing back catalog of releases on labels including Soma, Plus8, Terminal M, Bedrock and more recently Drumcode. Chart topping releases came in the form of‘Growler’ and their landmark LP‘Modular Baptism’on their own cherished label ELEVATE. And not forgetting their 2016 debut to Adam Beyer’s Drumcode with ‘Mexico’ and ‘Chemistry’ which sat at the No.1 Techno Track spot on Beatport for over 2 months, leading to another 3 EP’s being signed to the label.

Pig&Dan are still all about the music, and always will be. It appears that 2018 could be the most important and transformative year of all. Having just featured on the most recent cocoon compilation and a full length EPto come later in the year along with a very exciting new project soon tobe released, it seems that Pig&Dan’s musical Odyssey is only just beginning.

In the trend-driven universe of electronic dance music, Gregor Tresher is the rare artist who transcends such cycles. His secret? A relentless focus on melody and timbre, timeless musical elements that other producers often undervalue. Just as a painting or a photograph appears to move if one stares at it long enough, close listening to the stratified grooves and melodies in Tresher's music reveals an organic universe of shifting sound.

"Melody always allows you to bring something new to the music," opines the producer. "It is where you can create something real and different, whereas the beat… well, either a record grooves or it doesn't." Tresher's approach to writing music eschews obvious eight-bar earworms that soon grow tiresome in favor of musical lines that repeat and intertwine in myriad patterns, unfolding to reveal their secrets as you listen. In addition, another almost imperceptible element of motion has been integrated into Gregor Tresher´s new music via the integration of vintage machines and their tendency to drift ever-so-slightly out of tune. "It adds this human touch to the music, even though it was made with machines."

Gregor Tresher began his career as a DJ in Frankfurt in the early '90s; today, he can be found plying that trade at venues around the world, from Berlin to Tokyo, from Sydney to Los Angeles. Following two critically-acclaimed albums credited to his Sniper Mode alias, Tresher broke through as a producer under his real name via his 2005 releases Still and Neon. His 2008 classic "A Thousand Nights" was the year's best-selling Techno track on Beatport and introduced Gregor to a larger audience. Besides releasing music on high-profile labels like Drumcode, Ovum, Intacto, Moon Harbour and Cocoon, Gregor launched his own eclectic imprint ”Break New Soil“ in 2009 on which his studio albums The Life Wire (2009), Lights From The Inside (2011), Nightcolors (2013) and Quiet Distortion (2016) were released. His remix history includes artists like Depeche Mode, Moby, Sven Väth, Laurent Garnier and Extrawelt amongst many others.

S272. Man or machine. AI or S2. Media dustbin. Breakfast cereal connoisseur. Digital guiding light or analog cap.

Ascending in a color cosmos from Canada.

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